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Performance Based Within: We want to set new standards with our sportswear. In addition to innovative designs, a high fitting accuracy and outstanding wearing comfort, we rely on high-quality raw materials in order to be able to offer the long-lasting training clothing. We want to support you in your training in the best possible way and reach the next level together with you. PBW is more than just sportswear: it is an inner attitude, a companion that provides support. Be a part of it too!

Together with us you will enjoy a completely new training experience. You are only as good as you feel and we promise that you will feel great in our PBW sportswear. The time of mediocre training sessions is over. Order your new training outfit today and take your workout to the next level. Benefit from our fast delivery and free shipping from a value of 200.00 USD. We look forward to take your workout to the next level.

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Excellent customer support

Free shipping from 200.00 USD

High accuracy of fit

Fast delivery

What our customers say

I have already bought from many brands, but the quality of PBW has definitely convinced me. The fabric, the craftsmanship, everything is just right! I will definitely order again soon! (Translated with DeepL)

Jonas H.

Simply the best sportswear! Order for years, PBW 4ever! (Translated with DeepL)

Enes M.

Wow, rarely had such a great training experience. The PBW sports suits convince all along the line. I am looking forward to more styles! (Translated with DeepL)

Laura B.

I just need to get my praise off my chest. Hardly any other brand has convinced me as much as PBW. These clothes can only be recommended. Absolute madness, I don't wear anything else anymore. I'd love to go to work with it if we didn't have a dress code. Never anything else again! (Translated with DeepL)

Anton K.

Super great clothes! Two days after I ordered them, they were already there. The training went great, the clothes felt mega, better than I imagined! (Translated with DeepL)

Elias O.